3D Reconstruction System

Guide : Radim Sara, Czech Technical University in Prague,

Built a system to reconstruct a 3D scene given images captured from an internally calibrated camera. Essential matrices for each pair of images was found out. Performed stepwise gluing to obtain camera positions and point cloud. Project was part of a course on 3D Computer Vision

MNIST Digit Classification

Deep Learning Course, IIT Madras,

Training a FCN from scratch using Numpy for MNIST digit classification. Support for various optimizers, loss functions, layers. Achieved a 98.5% accuracy. (Github)

Indoor Navigation

Hacakthon Project, IIT Madras,

Conceptualized and built a system to navigate a person to a room inside a building. Used Google’s speech API for voice recognition and generation. Implemented on the RaspberryPi platform. (Github)

Robot Navigation Using Kinect

Center for Innovation, IIT Madras,

Developed a system to control a robot autonomously using Kinect. Location of the robot is found out using Trilateration thorugh the help of predefined markers. Controlled using an Arduino Microcontroller.